Louis_cahill_1_year.jpg (227006 bytes)

Aged one year in 1916, with Mother, Solly right and Ossie left.

The Cahill/Katchen brothers taken around 1918

Louis_cahill_35_year.jpg (25666 bytes)

This picture seem to have been taken in 1950

Louis_cahill_37_year_2.jpg (677071 bytes)

Two pictures taken in the early 1950s

Family_group_1957.jpg (435550 bytes)

Aged 42 taken with the children in Belfast, 1957

Isle_of_man_1965.jpg (669871 bytes)

 On holiday in the Isle of Man in 1965

  Mary_Cahill_1967.jpg (1440661 bytes)

Taken in August 1967 at an event in the BJI

graduation_1970.jpg (547972 bytes)

Family group in 1970 at the graduation of Sidney

Louis_with_Robert_70_year.jpg (941015 bytes)

Aged 70 taken with Robert in Carrickfergus, 1985

Louis_cahill_aaron_1985_1.jpg (539110 bytes)

Taken in 1985/1986 with first grandchild Aaron

Louis_cahill_Joel_1991.jpg (549184 bytes)

Taken in 1991/1992 with last grandchild Joel 

family2.jpg (1411145 bytes)

Aged 75 taken with children and grandchildren in 1991 at Belfast Castle

Louis_with_George_86_year.jpg (168787 bytes)

Aged 86 taken with grandson George in 2001

louis_with_grandchildren_2002.jpg (841010 bytes)

With all the grandsons taken on Christmas 2002

Louis died September 9, 2006 and is buried in the Jewish cemetery, Carnmony.


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