Zelda Tzinn was born in Dvinsk in the Russian province of Vitebsk (now Daugavpils in Latvia), on the 10th April, 1884 to Ephraim Isaac and Hodda (Godda) ne้ Tzivian.  In the All-Russian census of 1897 she is shown as living with her three sisters and two brothers and working in a Match factory.  On September 10, 1907 she sailed from Liverpool to New York in the Caronia to join her husband Yossel (Joseph, Joe) Blaer (Bliere) who had gone ahead of her in 1906.

Zelda_1908.jpg (122383 bytes)

 USA (probably in New York) around 1908 with first husband Yossel Blaer (born April 10, 1884). Jennie (aka Zelda).

After Yossel died in 1923, Zelda, now a naturalized US citizen,  moved again with Flora (aged 3) to Sunderland, England, arriving at Southampton on the Majestic on 28th August, 1925, to be close to relatives.  Remarrying (Samuel) Shepsel Vinnegrad in 16th June 1929, this family picture was taken in 1934. Samuel was born in Sheroshuve, Russia in 1863 and is known to have been in Belfast in 1905; follow the link for more details.

Flora_Blair_12_years_small.jpg (2447 bytes)

This family picture was taken in 1934, also showing Flora aged 11 years.

Zelda_1948.jpg (121233 bytes)

Once Flora married Louis Cahill in 1946, with Shepsel now dead, they moved to Belfast, N. Ireland, where this picture was taken with first grandchild Sidney (aged 3 months) in 1948.

Zelda_1950.jpg (103580 bytes)

Taken in Belfast with Flora in 1950

Zelda_1965.jpg (95158 bytes)

Taken in 1965 in Dublin old age home, Ireland


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