Mayr_cahill_Oswald_1914.jpg (658217 bytes)

Taken around 1914 with mother

Louis_cahill_1_year.jpg (227006 bytes)

Mother Mary Katchen/Cahill with Louis centre, Oswald left and Solomon right taken in around 1916

The Cahill/Catchen/Kachen brothers taken around 1918

Oswald_1930s.jpg (711782 bytes)

This group photograph seems to have been taken around the early 1930s

Oswald_1940.jpg (478342 bytes)

Taken in 1940 in army uniform

War1.jpg (781005 bytes)

Photographs taken during or just after the Second World War (on return from being a prisoner of war?)

oswald_late_1940s.jpg (424399 bytes)

Group photograph likely taken in the late 1940s

wedding2.jpg (502377 bytes)

Taken in 1951 as part of a group at Ruth's wedding

AJEX_closeup.jpg (22909 bytes)

Photograph taken in the 1950s at the Belfast meeting of AJEX

oswald_wailing_wall.jpg (288087 bytes)

At the Wailing wall, Jerusalem late 1960s or early 1970s

 Oswald died on 20 May 1973 and is buried in the Jewish cemetery, Carnmony.

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