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These photographs were taken in around 1910 in London.  Hoda (nee Tzivian) and Ephraim (Philip) Isaac Tsinn  had emigrated to England from Dvinsk (then a province of Russia called Vitebsk).  It is now in Latvia, and is named Daugavpils.  Hoda had six brothers who stayed in Dvinsk, but she her husband and their seven children left around 1905.  One daughter (Zelda; later Jennifer) Blier) went to New York; sailing from Liverpool in 1907, preceded by her husband Joseph (Jossil) a year earlier.  Bella Mena went to Paris (France) and the rest to England (London and Sunderland).  These were Feiga (Fanny), Henna, Chaya (Anna), Morris and Hertzel.  Ephraim died in 1922 in London (listed as Philip Tinn) and Hoda went to Sunderland to stay with her daughter Henna.  She was able to babysit Zelda's only surviving daughter Flora (Frumma) from six who returned to England in 1925, and died in 1929.


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