Flora Blier was born on September 18, 1922 at 330 East 101st Street, New York to Jennie (aka Zelda) nee Tsinn and Joseph Blier, the last and only survivor of seven children. 

Flora_Blair_8_months.jpg (165361 bytes)

Aged 8 months in 2, Northcote Avenue, Sunderland. 1923

Flora_Blair_9_years.jpg (195452 bytes)

Aged 9 years taking violin lessons. 1931

bede_school_close.jpg (1028302 bytes)

Part of the Bede Collegiate school photograph, June 11, 1935.  

Flora_Blair_12_years.jpg (219550 bytes)

Aged 12 years with mother and Step Father

Flora_Blair_13_years.jpg (67224 bytes)

Aged 13 years and 11 months in 1936. 2, Northcote Avenue, Sunderland.

Flora_Blair_14_years.jpg (49303 bytes)

14 years old in Conway Castle, Wales, with the Habonim

Flora_Blair_22_years.jpg (255831 bytes)

22 years old in 1944 nursing at the Sunderland Eye Infirmary

wedding.jpg (121296 bytes)

Wedding in Sunderland (December 1946) with Ruth Cahill as bridesmaid (left), cousin Charles Winburn as best man and Bubbi as bridesmaid (extreme right)

This is Flora Cahill's Northern Ireland (UK) Residence Permit dated 1947.

wedding.jpg (121296 bytes)

This picture was taken in the mid-late 1940s

Flora_Blair_1950.jpg (72945 bytes)

Street photograph, Belfast, 1950

Flora_Blair_30_years.jpg (101676 bytes)

Aged 30 (July 1952) on holiday in Butlins Holiday camp, Mosney, Republic of Ireland, with Sidney aged 4.

Isle_of_man_1954.jpg (533537 bytes)

On holiday in the Isle of man July 1954 with the children

Flora_Blair_36_years.jpg (94744 bytes)

Aged 36 (1958) with Louis (aged 43) and Robert (aged one).  Taken in the back yard of 13 Glandore Gardens, Belfast, N. Ireland.

Flora_Blair_41_years.jpg (90070 bytes)

Dublin Jewish Old-Aged Home, Dublin, Ireland 1964.  Is that Robert behind the seat?

Isle_of_man_1965.jpg (669871 bytes)

Family group on holiday in the Isle of Man in July 1965

  Mary_Cahill_1967.jpg (1440661 bytes)

Taken in August 1967 at an event in the BJI

Flora_Blair_1970.jpg (67642 bytes)

Taken in the back garden of 12 Evewilliam Park, Belfast in 1970

graduation_1970.jpg (547972 bytes)

Family group taken in 1970 at the graduation of Sidney 

Flora_Blair_49_years.jpg (50647 bytes)

Nursing at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, 1972

Flora_Blair_1972a.jpg (96534 bytes)

Married to Sol Behelfer and living in Netanya, Israel, 1974

Flora_Blair_1979.jpg (69376 bytes)

With second husband Sol Behelfer May 27, 1979 at Anthony and Marilyn's wedding in Pittsburg, USA

Tollymore Park forest June 2001, near Newcastle, Co. Down (where the mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea, see here).

Wynmoor_2003.jpg (152212 bytes)

Working at Wynmore Theatre, Coconut Creek, Florida, USA in Spring, 2003

Wynmoor_2003.jpg (152212 bytes)

Trip to Israel, May 2004

Flora Cahill_2005.JPG (37465 bytes)

Trip to N. Ireland, August, 2005

Trip to France July, 2007

Trip to Kraków July 2008

Flora died in Coconut Creek, near Fort Lauderdale, Florida on April 21, 2012 in her 89th year.

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