Anthony_Cahill_aged_1b.jpg (670044 bytes)

Aged one in 1952

Anthony_Cahill_aged_3.jpg (557138 bytes)

 Aged three with brother Sidney in the Isle of Man

Anthony_Cahill_aged_4.jpg (54634 bytes)

Aged five years in Douglas, Isle of Man

Anthony_Cahill_aged_7.jpg (35923 bytes)

Aged seven

Anthony_Cahill_barmitzvah.jpg (429727 bytes)

Bar mitzvah picture 1964

Anthony_Cahill_aged_13.jpg (15939 bytes)

Aged 13 in Belfast High School uniform

Anthony_Cahill_aged_27.jpg (45002 bytes)

Aged 27 with Marilyn Stone in Florida

Anthony_Cahill_wedding.jpg (43764 bytes)

Wedding day in Pittsburgh, 27th May, 1979

Anthony_Cahill_aged_30.jpg (767282 bytes)

With Marilyn, taken around 1980 

Anthony_Cahill_Robert_Canterbury.jpg (74197 bytes)

Canterbury at the occasion of Robert's Phd graduation 


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